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An elderly couple from Vermont had packed the Cadillac in late October,
driving to Florida to escape the long New England winter.

About half way, Grandpa stopped at a southern gas station and asked the
attendant to fill 'er up.

"I see you're from Vermont. I lived in Vermont once," the attendant

Grandma, who had forgotten her hearing aid in one of the many bags in
the trunk, shouted "What did he say?"

"He said he lived in VT once!" shouted Gramps.

"Yep. I lived there right after the war. I stayed with a woman who owned
her own home in the country, worked full time and asked if I would hang
out and keep the place up, mowing the lawn and cleaning house, that sort
of thing."

Grandma interrupted with "What did he say?"

"He's telling me about where he lived!" shouted Gramps.

"I had it all except she was the worst lover in the world. She was a
Saint, most wholesome person I ever met with that one flaw. I couldn't
take a lifetime of lousy lovin' so I left."

Grandma shouted once more "What did he say?"

Grandpa, being irritated by now, shouts back "He thought he might have
known you once!!"

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