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Mon, 13 May 1996 12:04:42 +0100

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Here are a couple of gobbets from Readers Digest sent to us by Alan...

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Gullibles Travel (p.190, Reader's Digest, March 1996)
I enjoyed wintering over in an isolated West Coast logging camp where my
husband, Charles, was camp watchman.  The loggers return in spring, and
their arrival one year coincided with the spring salmon run.  The bay
was thick with leaping silver fish when the loggers' boat docked.  As
Charles stood talking with the men, one fish misjudged its leap and
landed on the dock at their feet.  One fellow reacted quickly and
delivered the coup de grace.  There was astonished laughter that ended
suddenly as I approached, and the loggers scrambled into the boat and
sped away.  I asked Charles why there was such a sudden departure.

He looked at the abandoned fish and said, "I told them you'd spent all
winter training that fish to jump onto the dock and eat from your hand."

We had a lovely dinner that night.

- B. McMurchy (Yarrow, B.C.)


Life's Like That (p.191, Reader's Digest, March 1996)
My wife's friend had just told us of her trip to the beauty salon.  The
employees there, it seems, were the first to know of the recent
engagement of two couples in our small community, as well as of their
future plans.  Word spread like wildfire from the salon.  Amazed my wife
sat back and observed, "I guess the Internet still isn't quite as fast
as the hairnet."

- Tim Church (Georgetown, Ont.)