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Mon, 17 Mar 1997 22:45:15 +0000

Hiya Folks...

Here's one from Pete...we've all heard of beta testing, but what does it
all mean...???

Wishes & Dreams...


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>From .EXE magazine in 1992:

alpha    It compiles!
beta     It runs on Joe's machine.
gamma    It runs on Kate's machine too.
delta    It runs on the network.
epsilon  It's stopped running on Kate's machine.
zeta     It runs on all machines, but report crashes.
eta      It crashes with HIMEM.SYS.
theta    It crashes without HIMEM.SYS.
iota     It crashes with a serial printer.
kappa    It works!  But the spec has changed.
lambda   It runs, but mysteriously at half the speed of before.
mu       It crashes the network.
nu       It crashes Kate's machine with HIMEM.SYS, Joe's without.
xi       It runs, but the printout is garbage.
omicron  As above, but crashes after printout sometimes.
pi       It sometimes crashes.
rho      Kate thinks it works, but it turns out she's running lambda.
sigma    No luck yet.
tau      Aha, sorted out the printout.
upsilon  Nearly there -- just need to tidy up the help text.
phi      It won't run at all on anything.
chi      Yipee!  It runs perfectly on all the machines in the world.
psi      It runs on all the machines in the world except that idiot's 
         from Basingstoke with the customised Amstrad and DOS 4.01.
omega    It won't compile.