UNIX Wonderland...

The Loony Bin ( loonies@bloodaxe.demon.co.uk )
Sat, 4 May 1996 19:21:03 +0100

Hiya Loonies...

Very occasionally I see something which makes me want to run screaming
back to my parchment...well, this is it...

Wishes & Dreams...


ps...For a real challenge, try singing it aloud...:-)
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   Grepping in a '^(Unix|Wonderland)$'
           CopyYeahRight 1994 

Let us ping, is it listening?
When you fing @snow.glistening
An ftp site, mgetting tonight,
Grepping in a '^(Unix|Wonderland)$'

Gone away: /usr/bin/sh,
Here to stay is tcsh
I'm in .deny (cron), my .newsrc's gone
Grepping in a '^(Unix|Wonderland)$'

In the rootdir we can build a shellscript
And pretend that it is parsing 'brown'
It echoes 'Are you @ing?'
We'll say "No man."
But use expr when you're in town

Later on we'll use vi
As we find for some files
To face and forsake
xmkmf when we make
Grepping in a '^(Unix|Wonderland)$'